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Estrella Damm joins us with their Mediterranean flavor offering moments of enjoyment with good music and beer. Cheers to the perfect fusion to create unforgettable memories!

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In Alua hotels the magic of music is intertwined with the warmth of a home, an atmosphere where laughter and melodies build every moment and you live the music. At Alua every chord is a story and every note is a hug!

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CaixaBank provides solidity and security for this wonderful garden to flourish, from concerts under the stars to cultural gatherings. Mixing laughter with music and dreams!

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Endesa lights up every note with its commitment to sustainability and music, not only illuminates the present but also sows for a future of positive energy. Building a shared future for a lifetime!

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Air Europa adds that special touch to every shared moment, exploring worlds and creating memories at every concert. Get on board with us in this exciting journey!

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Trasmed navigates between islands and experiences with a synergy that goes beyond transportation. It is a journey where music and the sea are in harmony!

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Logitravel is the bridge that transports every corner of the Mediterranean island to the boutique garden, becoming an adventure guided by the magic of music. Be part of this fascinating adventure!

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Ib-Red connects the present with the future, weaving a web of infinite possibilities for those who want to explore, create and share. Every moment is a symphony of connection to music!

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Coca Cola accompanies us on every chord, every laugh and every dance step. Bringing people together in a celebration that transcends borders and musical styles. Creating bonds between friends, new and old!

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Tanqueray 0.0 adds that touch of refinement to every moment, with its distinctive flavour and invitation to immerse yourself in the unique festival atmosphere. Here’s to continuing to enjoy the best music!

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LoMusic becomes the connecting thread for the most frenetic rhythms that make hearts beat faster, to the ballads that caress the soul. It emanates the magic of music in its purest essence!

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See Tickets is the master key to open the doors to the Mallorca summer events, each ticket becomes the key to the magic of the concerts. All starts with a ticket!

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SER has the ability to tell stories, capturing the essence of the enchanted corner and creating a narrative that connects with music lovers. Each note is a new chapter!