02 agosto · Mallorca Live Festival Venue · From 28 €

A career spanning over three decades, 16 albums and an undeniable success: around a million copies sold and more than 1,500 concerts between Spain and Latin America. But the greatest success for Siempre Así is seeing how its repertoire is part of the soundtrack of millions of people, how that happy and southern rumba with a message, preserving its flamenco roots, has become essential in any meeting or festive event, like Es Jardí this summer.

These seven universal Sevillians, who have been performing for 32 uninterrupted years, will visit our Mediterranean garden to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Mahareta (1994), their most emblematic album and the one that launched Siempre Así towards a wider audience. An album that contains many of their greatest hits, such as ‘Siempre Así’, ‘Para Volver a Volver’, ‘Se Me Va’, ‘En un Rincon del Alma’ or their well-known version of ‘My Way’, ‘A Mi Way’. An elegant and distinctive rumba for the Majorcan summer.