If there is a simple, typical dish that will not be lacking in any authentic Mallorcan dinner, it is pa amb oli. Its main ingredients are brown bread, “ramallet” tomatoes (a native variety of tomato), virgin olive oil and salt of your choice. We can accompany this dish with Serrano ham, pâté, Mahon cheese, sausage, camaiot or sobrasada, Mallorcan olives or hot green peppers. Have you tried it yet?


Fried Mallorcan is one of the iconic dishes of Balearic gastronomy. Made, in its most traditional way, with lamb roast combined with potatoes, peas, “sofrit”, red pepper and fennel. This is one of the most traditional preparations in Mallorcan gastronomy dating back to the 14th century.


Tumbet is a Majorcan recipe made with seasonal vegetables typical of the Mallorcan orchard that is served alone or as a garnish for meat, fish or with a fried egg. It consists of a mixture of various vegetables (aubergines, red peppers, potatoes…) with a layer of tomato sauce. It is cooked in a clay pot, commonly called greixonera in Mallorca.


The ensaimada is one of those things that needs no introduction. Perhaps some doubt if it is a sweet or salty preparation, but what everyone knows is that it is from Mallorca, and it has become an icon of the island. Delicious for breakfast, although it turns a snack into a special occasion, and it is one of the best desserts to end a lunch or dinner with friends.

There are many sizes and flavors, classic or stuffed; Cream, cream, white or dark chocolate, angel hair, and even some ovens make them from Kinder Bueno and Ferrero Rocher. If you combine it with almond ice cream, it can already be your real downfall.


And if we’ve already talked about almonds, now all we have to do is turn it into ice cream. This is one of the desserts that you should try and accompany with a delicious piece of ensaimada. You will not regret it and we recommend the one in Ca’n Miquel, in Palma.


A typical dessert from the municipality of Lloseta, soft and delicate, similar to eating a piece of cloud. You will find it in ‘Forn des Baix’

The name of this cake arose during a meal with friends of the owners of the Mallorcan oven 60 years ago. One of them said: “This is a bocatto di Cardinale”, referring to the cake, so, over the years, this “sweet cloud” kept the name of the cardinal who never existed, but who finally stuck with the name of the cake.


Coca de trampó or trempó is one of the most typical and traditional dishes of the Balearic gastronomy and more specifically of Mallorca. It consists of a flat and salty bread dough, called coca, with a vegetable trap on top.

Trampó is a vegetable salad (onions, peppers and tomatoes) seasoned with olive oil and salt, typical of the island of Majorca. You will find this coca in almost all the bakeries on the island, even so we recommend the ones in Ca Sa Camena in the neighborhood of Santa Catalina, Palma.


The famous potato cakes are a sweet that you cannot miss trying if you want to start a day as tasty and sugary as possible. You can accompany this sweet, light and very fluffy bun for a summer snack with almond ice cream and for breakfast with hot chocolate or coffee with milk.

Ca’n Molinas: in this place that has an interior and terrace you can enjoy the well-known ‘cocas de patata’, but in addition to an endless number of sweets, each one more delicious. Ca’n Molinas has been tradition and quality since 1920. Since its inception, this bakery and pastry shop – which today is also a cafeteria – has maintained the essence of craftsmanship and dedication in everything they do.


Can you imagine an island in the middle of the sea and where you can eat a delicious paella? Your wishes are orders for us. At the ‘Illeta’ restaurant in Camp de Mar – just 20 minutes – from our venue.

Among the specialties of this restaurant, paella stands out as its star dish, although they have an extensive and varied menu that will satisfy all tastes. In addition, this restaurant has been the set of numerous television series and platforms. Although surely her catwalk will sound familiar to you due to the number of photos on Instagram that made her famous.


And if what you want is to try the real Mallorcan sandwich, you should try the llonguet, preferably toasted and accompanied by the drink that you fancy the most. Llonguet is a type of bread with a peculiar shape that you can fill with whatever you prefer: sobrassada, Serrano ham, Mahon cheese, pate, loin with cheese, or even meatballs. We recommend two places where you can taste a good llonguet:

Bar Bosch: located in the center of the city of Palma, this place is one of the best known and frequented by millions of Mallorcans since 1936. Almost every day it enjoys of clientele in abundance and it is one of those that you will find in almost all the tourist guides of Palma.

Es Vaixell: another of the places that you cannot miss in Palma if you want to try the delicious ‘llonguets’ is this place. What is the difference? Without a doubt, the wonderful views that you can have of the sea right in front of you if you choose the terrace of this place to have breakfast.